Energy Star Rebates in Illinois

Power Technology Chicago is passionate about the green movement in the HVAC and commercial refrigeration industries, and wants to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to save money, your equipment, and the planet.

With that, here are some rebates that ComEd is offering as part of their initiative to decrease energy output.  (Please note, these rebates come with a list of prerequisites.  Click here for more information about ComEd Smart Ideas program)

Walk-in Commercial Coolers / Freezers Upgrade

LED Refrigeration Case Lighting

  • LED lighting performs much more efficiently as the temperature drops in walk-in coolers and freezers
  • LED lighting uses up to 50 percent less energy and emits less heat than fluorescent systems
  • Replacing fluorescent refrigerated case lighting with LED illumination can qualify for incentives of $20 per door.

Automatic Doors

  • Installing automatic door closers on walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers helps will help to keep cold air in – your business may qualify for $75 in rebates per door for walk-in coolers.
  • The rebate goes up to $150 per door for walk-in freezers

Anti-Sweat Heater Controls

  • ComEd incentive of $30 per horizontal linear foot of refrigerated display case
  • So while any upgrade has initial costs, the addition of anti-sweat heater controls can often pay for themselves in a single year or less

Electronically Commutated Evaporator Fan Motors

  • Delivers the same power as a comparable shaded pole motor while consuming only one-third the energy.
  • Incentives of $35–$50 per motor for replacing an existing shaded-pole evaporator fan motor in a refrigerated display case or walk-in with an Electronically Commutaed Evaporated Fan Motor

Incentives For New Commercial Refrigerators And Commercial Ice Machines

ENERGY STAR Commercial Freezers

  • Energy savings over standard freezers can be as much as 35 percent
  • ENERGY STAR commercial ice freezers can pay for themselves in less than two years
  • An incentive of $100 for a solid door freezer,
  • Incentives of $400 for a glass-door freezer

High-Efficiency ENERGY STAR Ice Makers

  • On average 15 percent more energy-efficient and 10 percent more water-efficient than standard models.
  • Each ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine can save about 1,160 kWh annually.
  • Could qualify for an incentive of $150 to $350 (depending on size)

We hope these energy star rebates and energy saving information will get you thinking about the opportunity for upgrades or replacement on your current refrigeration equipment.  Feel free to browse our store for some options, or contact us with your questions. We’d love to help you go green!


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