Copeland Scroll K5 Refrigeration Compressor

The Copeland Scroll™ K5 is the most energy efficient refrigeration compressor available, on average 10% more efficient than comparable compressor designs! That means it can save you money and help lower emissions.


The wide variety of sizes available make the Copeland Scroll K5 a good fit for any commercial refrigeration application. If you aren't sure what size would be a good fit for your needs call (312) 880-9540 to talk to our refrigeration specialists.


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Product Description

The Copeland Scroll K5 Refrigeration Compressor line is the solution for businesses looking to save costs and energy with refrigeration equipment. These compressors run 10% more efficiently (on average) than standard compressors. CoreSense Diagnostics can also help reduce service calls & can lengthen the overall life of the compressor. The bottom line is the K5 Scroll Compressor reduces annual energy use and saves you money on energy bills. 

A wide range of available sizes make the K5 compressors perfect for most refrigeration applications. They are especially well suited to grocery stores and supermarkets were open refrigeration display cases cause the energy consumption is significantly higher.

  • 230 & 460 volt three phase models are available from 7.5 – 15 horse power.
  • 5 displacement options for medium temperature (refrigerator) applications
  • 3 for low temperature applications (Freezer)

The specifications for various sizes are laid out below and our refrigeration experts are available at (312) 880-9540 to answer any questions you may have. You can also find more information on the Copeland Scroll K5 Compressor page of Emerson’s website.


Model #
ZB58K5E-TFC7.5 HP208/230Vthree phasemedium temperature applications
ZB58K5E-TFD7.5 HP460Vthree phasemedium temperature applications
ZB66K5E-TFC9 HP208/230Vthree phasemedium temperature applications
ZB66K5E-TFD9 HP460Vthree phasemedium temperature applications
ZB76K5E-TFC10 HP208/230Vthree phasemedium temperature applications
ZB76K5E-TFD10 HP460Vthree phasemedium temperature applications
ZB95K5E-TWC12 HP208/230Vthree phasemedium temperature applications
ZB95K5E-TFD12 HP460Vthree phasemedium temperature applications
ZB114K5E-TWC15 HP208/230Vthree phasemedium temperature applications
ZB114K5E-TFD15 HP460Vthree phasemedium temperature applications
ZF34K5E-TFC6 HP208/230Vthree phaselow temperature applications
ZF34K5E-TFD6 HP460Vthree phaselow temperature applications
ZF41K5E-TFC7.5 HP208/230Vthree phaselow temperature applications
ZF41K5E-TFD7.5 HP460Vthree phaselow temperature applications
ZF49K5E-TFC9 HP208/230Vthree phaselow temperature applications
ZF41K5E-TFD9 HP460Vthree phaselow temperature applications


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